Jel Martinez

Jel Martinez Writings and Removals at Lazy Susan Gallery NYC 2017

Jel Martinez “Writings and Removals” On View: October 3 – October 9, 2017 Opening Party: October 5th, 7-11pm.   The pieces that are part of Writings and Removals by Jel Martinez are modeled after the graffiti removal processes that take place daily in neighborhoods across America. In his youth, Jel was a graffiti artist who watched clean-up crews erase his work throughout the streets of Miami. His paintings are inspired by these experiences and include a multiphase approach that begins with texturing each canvas. Jel then adds writings tags, throw ups, and pieces, which are reminiscent of graffiti that one.. Read More

Arrested Motion – Rewind: Dec 1 – Jan 1, 2014 – 2015

It’s been a month since our last Rewind feature, so let’s ring in the new year with some art-related videos you may enjoy. Leading things off is an interesting project – U2’s Films of Innocence, showcasing 11 artist films from Conor Harrington, Oliver Jeffers, Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Vhils, Maser, ROA, DALeast, and Todd James. We have for you a look at what Harrington came up with as well as a trailer of all the videos below, but to see the rest, you may have to head over to iTunes.

Jel Martinez breaks down the essence of “Buff” in a new documentary video

Jel Martinez’s work is characterized not only by texture but also by the four stylistic forms of graffiti removal referred to as “Buffs”. Martinez who is influenced by his roots in graffiti recreates multilayered walls while focusing on geometric squares and rectangles that are often the remnants left by city cleanup crews. His recently released documentary goes into explicit detail in demonstrating Martinez’s process and technique while giving the general public a comprehensive understanding of “The Buff”.

Wendy White And Five Other Artists Deconstruct Text In Paintings

November 9, 2013 by kristin bauer Wendy White Feodor Vornov Glenn Ligon Jose Parla Text phrases, words and letters abound in contemporary art, ranging widely from direct witty phrases to text that has become illegible in its adaptation.  With increased crossover between different fields of art, the craft of editing text in literary arts is a skill and practice that has been incorporated into the visual arts more frequently.  Jenny Holzer is an artist who comes to mind in this regard. However, in this article I am examining the other polarity of text in art.  As an artist who regularly uses text.. Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013: Jel Martinez in Wynwood

Jel Martinez‘s work explores texture and that what remains post buff. During Art Basel, the artist was influenced by his roots in graffiti and letterforms, creating a structured, composed piece for his wall in Wynwood. Martinez opted for loud and playful colors to execute his mural in typeface Helvetica, making the work identifiable to those without a graffiti-trained eye.     Jel Martinez’s wall is located at 390 NW 27 Street Wynwood, Florida 33127 and his body of work can be found on his website.  

5 Miami Independent Thinkers’ Artists Talk Inspiration for their Auction Works

  It’s not easy to narrow down a group of hundreds to 50 artists that represent Miami’s Independent Thinkers. But their creative director, Kerry McLaney, was up to the task. “It’s our goal to make South Florida artwork accessible to everyone,” says McLaney. “The starting bids will be $50 and move upward to $1,400, ranging in all sizes and mediums.” And so it begins this Friday. Artists across all mediums (think: painters, sculptors, mixed media, muralists, photographers, designers) have joined forces to donate some of their most inspired works to benefit production costs for Miami Independent Thinkers’ participation in their fifth.. Read More


Review: FUTURESPECTIVE [ 21 February 2013 | Print This Post ] 21 February 2013 Exciting times are ahead in Miami. With a striving art scene and young artists making names for themselves internationally the city has become part of the art conversation. “Futurespective,” the group show presented by the Rozenblum Foundation and the Michael Margulies Artist Agency, encapsulates Miami’s new era while highlighting significant developments in the city. “Futurespective” focuses on a forward-driven vision and new discoveries. Each participating artist interprets the theme differently, inspired by the streets of Miami, history and through explorations of movement, structure and new media. Curator Kiki.. Read More

The Rozenblum Foundation and the Michael Margulies Artist Agency present “Futurespective” curated by Kiki Valdes

Opening reception: February 14, 2013. 8:00 – 11:00 p.m. Closing reception: February 28, 2013. 8:00 – 11:00 p.m. The Michael Margulies Artist Agency and Kiki Valdes announce “Futurespective,” a group installation focused on the exciting times in Miami’s art scene. From striving local talent to a growing impact on the international art conversation, “Futurespective” encapsulates Miami’s new era while highlighting significant developments in the city. The forward-thinking, emerging and mid-career artists showcased in “Futurespective” offer new, artistic perspectives by experimenting with contemporary media and exploring different themes to encourage new discourse. The group show features works by local artists Christopher.. Read More

EMERGING: Jel Martinez

WONDERLAND MAGAZINE   EMERGING: Jel Martinez Jel Martinez is part of a breed of street artists approaching graffiti through the prism of conceptual art. He replicates the clumsy buffing and removal techniques of council workers tasked to remove street art, and the in the process makes a meta-comment on how people perceive graffiti. Where are you based?   I was born in Miami in 1976 and have always lived in Miami. When did you decide to become an artist?   Art has always been a part of my life, since I was a young child I was always drawing something, when I.. Read More

Jel Martinez: The Art of Removal

Jel Martinez’s paintings are inspired by the methodology of vandalism removal. Martinez observes how metropolitan clean-up crews destroy one art form while creating another. The artist constructs his paintings by combining earlier influences with a figurative style of painting referred to as “buffs”. “Buff” creates contemporary patterns that result in a post-modern aesthetic. Through his experience and study of modern day contemporary culture, he applies a new meaning of expressionism to his work. Martinez’s paintings are a recreation of multilayered walls that are seen in urban landscape.  

Jel Martinez